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You may not remember me but you may remember visiting my house to smoke a cigarette before services or school.

I lived at 135-18 230th Street with my sister, Roslyn Blocher Rubenstein.

Taught at Riverhead HS with Alan Weinstock right out of college.

My son is a third year medical student and my daughter is a freshman at Hamilton College.

The best years were growing up in Rosedale/Laurelton.My best friend was Carol Greenbaum, and the love of my high school years was Howie Barlow.Gail, Karen, Brenda & Cheryl Gorlick, would love to hear from Laureltonites.The musical covers and performances were met with generally positive reception from critics, with several noting that it contained the best musical selection in a while.Some of the people I remember are Sue Buller, Alice Schaefer, Joyce Hazan, Carol Forman, Abby Wendroff, Rita Coffield, Stan Shaw, Barbara Boklan, Jerry Leinwol, Diane Bayer, Cookie Linett, Howie Engel, Manny Steurman and Marcia Kleigman.

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