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if e teutons united on one language, they wd h e powtr t make it international in science, commerce, travel n diplomacy, nay, even e continental teutons alone cd make it international, because so easy for all foreign people t learn.

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libraries, receiving a free copy of this pamphlet are requested to 'bind it in cloth. shl, shall shd, should t, to, too tm, time thr, there ths, this tht, that thn, then u, you wd, would whc, which whn, when whr, where wht, what wl, will ws, was wth, with s, is before 1 go farther, it wl b well t give a few points v (ov) information t printers w,hr no "caps" are used. those readers for whom ths s writ- ten will understand tht they are true without wd bind all those people into e strongest "entente cordiale," n b a great convenince t other na^tions.all 9ur languages are t old, a need repairing, like an old venerable abbey. les allemands ont une langue, les francais n'ont qu'un jargon. e ease v e suggestive action s strong in proportion t e number v times e words n ideas h bn associated in consciousness. thr en b no doubt about tht, whc s e first prino iple. whn We start from e known words, as fish n lore, and say fishlore, we understand e new unknown term at once, while if we say ichthyology, we sin against e third fundamental principle. whn we start from e simple words arm n bone and say armbone, we do start from e simple t e complex, while if we say humerus, we violate e fourth principle, yea! the baltic sea, between gprmany and scandlnavia, has always been the true world's center of culture. e germans, Scandi- navians, n hollanders employ spacing very often in place V "italics," or "full face" type. e four fundamental principles thr are four great fundamental principles, or corner- stones in language construction, whc shd be learned by heart n printed with full face type, namely: 1. e more mental energy required t master e words, e less mental energy s left for e ideas contained. that words often heard call up memory n e sug- gestive action more easily n quickly than words seldom heard. whn we translate a half-learned foreign language we h so much trouble in mastering e separate words tht we do not clearly understand or feel e force v e ideas contained, n tht is e second principle 3.

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