Intimidating mens haircuts

Oddly, few of her friends ever catch on.r37, you've just described perfectly the closeted lez in my workplace. I actually confronted Claims to be Straight girl and asked if she was gay for the other girl because she was acting like a jilted lover.

She responded that she "knew who she was" and now won't speak to me either.

There is no such thing as a "dead giveaway", since women are complicated, but a pretty good sign is the stubborn refusal to enhance one's attractiveness. As a closeted teen/young adult, I refused to wear make-up or style my hair. I couldn't count how many times I was told how attractive I could be if I just, etc. She was pretty butch, never wore makeup or styled her hair, NEVER wore dresses or skirts to work. And once that relationship started, I don't think she dated a man ever again.

I think she wore a dress to a company function once, but looked completely uncomfortable in it. R52, what is the mindset behind closeted lesbians dressing in an unflattering manner?

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The girl I know who overcompensates wears the same thing virtually everyday.

but never can explain why, or why they hate the guy so much.

Sometimes they even hate the woman, or sometimes they love the couple, but they just can't be with them comfortably.

Why is spending many hours and hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of dollars on one's looks considered the height of femininity?

I was with someone who was deeply closeted --was with her for two years.

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