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Officials only looked through the veil in an act of holy reverence and made no further examinations.

They also reported a "mysterious and delightful flower-like odor which proceeded from the coffin." St.

Crowds came to her and collected her blood while she preached to them or prayed.

On the third day she died and was buried by Pope Urban and his deacons. Cecilia is regarded as the patroness of music, because she heard heavenly music in her heart when she was married, and is represented in art with an organ or organ-pipes in her hand.

As her husband and brother-in-law buried the dead, St.

Cecilia spent her time preaching and in her lifetime was able to convert over four hundred people, most of whom were baptized by Pope Urban.

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It is believed that she was born around 231 in either Catania or ... Katharine Drexel is the second American-born saint to be canonized by the Catholic Church. Born at Garissus, Cappadocia (modern Turkey), in 423, he undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and after meeting with the famed St. Born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, she was the youngest child born to Nikola and Drane Bojaxhiu, Receiving her First Communion at the age of five, she was confirmed in ...It is said that there was a church dedicated to St. She is said to have been quite close to God and prayed often: In the city of Rome there was a virgin named Cecilia, who came from an extremely rich family and was given in marriage to a youth named Valerian.Cecilia in Rome in the fifth century, in which Pope Symmachus held a council in 500. She wore sackcloth next to her skin, fasted, and invoked the saints, angels, and virgins, beseeching them to guard her virginity During her wedding ceremony she was said to have sung in her heart to God and before the consummation of her nuptials, she told her husband she had taken a vow of virginity and had an angel protecting her.The Free Ones Dating section is your gateway to all of your dating needs! In the fourth century a Greek religious romance on the Loves of Cecilia and Valerian was written in glorification of virginal life with the purpose of taking the place of then-popular sensual romances.

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