Dating look alikes

For something that’s become so incredibly efficient, online dating can still be arduous: All that swiping, the mismatches, figuring out what to say, dodging weirdos—not to mention the awkwardness of an underwhelming first date. K.-based dating app with 60 million global users, recently launched a “lookalike” feature that lets you search for people based on who they happen to resemble.What if you could just cruise through the massive sea of randos and head straight to the people that look like your biggest celebrity crushes? That includes celebrities (there are over 600 alleged Ryan Gosling lookalikes on Badoo), your office crush, or whoever else; the app lets you upload photos of whoever you want in order to find lookalikes.After it finds the lookalikes, the app then links to each person’s dating profile, whether on Plenty Of Fish or Tinder.According to Buzzfeed, Tinder contacted the founder of, Heath Ahrens, to say the app violated its terms and conditions, as the company doesn’t allow automated scraping of its API.You can search for people who look like Justin Bieber or Jessica Alba, if that’s what suits your fancy.Or you can curiously scroll through a grid of people who have the unfortunate distinction of kind of resembling Donald Trump, which is an option for some reason.

Depending on your perspective, this is either a cool innovation or incredibly creepy.Adele sang it best, “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you…” Now you can do exactly that: find someone to date, just like Adele, or Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian.Truth be told: your potential significant other might not have the fame or fortune of these power women.Whether you’re morbidly curious or think this may be the answer to the dry spell in your love life, you can try Badoo’s lookalike search tool here.If you’ve ever fantasized about dating a hot celebrity like Selena Gomez or Salma Hayek, I’m sorry, but it will never happen. However, thanks to the dating app Badoo, you can have the next best thing – a person who The app recently launched a new feature, called Badoo Lookalikes, that matches its 350 million users to their celebrity doppelganger, so that you can swipe through users who look like any celebrity you’ve always dreamed of boning. And for searches on male celebrities, the top searches are for:1) Barack Obama2) Kevin Durant3) Chris Evans4) Chris Pratt5) Justin Bieber6) Tiger Woods7) Michael Phelps8) Anwar Hadid9) Jake Gyllenhall10) Donald Trump Do you look like any of those dudes?

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