90210 season 4 episode 18 online dating what not to do while dating a guy

Cannon and prove that he raped Naomi, but they underestimate his ability to control the situation.

Teddy and Ian are forced to do manual labor as punishment for fighting.

Dixon learns that, despite what he assumed, Ivy is a virgin.

Annie confronts her boss, Katherine about her awkward behavior and is shocked when she makes her an offer she may not be able to refuse.

Senior Year Baby (air date: 2010-09-13) In the season three premiere, Beverly Hills is rocked by an earthquake.

Naomi has spent the summer dealing with the aftermath of her rape by Mr.

Ivy and Dixon decide to spend the night together, but Dixon hits the brakes when Sasha returns with some life-altering news.

A pregnant Jen seeks to hire a new assistant and Debbie applies for the job.Age of Inheritance (air date: 2010-09-20) Naomi finds out she can now access the money in her trust fund, so she decides to throw a giant birthday party where The Honey Brothers perform a few songs.Dixon, Navid and Liam decide to take Oscar out for a night on the town......Jen is forced to go on bed rest until she delivers the baby and has no choice but to allow Ryan into her life. 2021 Vision (air date: 2010-09-27) Naomi has constant flashbacks to her rape and begins taking sleeping pills in order to sleep through the night. Cannon invites Silver over to his apartment to watch his new documentary and secretly slips something in her drink.Meanwhile, Teddy wakes up from a night of drinking and realizes he hooked up with someone.

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